Lars-Uwe Lahoda (,, MD PhD) is a board certified plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. For 15 years, Dr. Lahoda is also a board certified surgeon and lately a (board certified) Fellow of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH). In addition, he passed the German boards for hand surgery at the Medical council of Hannover 7 years ago.

Until moving to Switzerland, Dr. Lahoda gained international education and experience in Canada, Austria, Germany, USA and the Netherlands, which enables him to offer the entirety of his 22 year international qualification to his patients.

His clinical emphasis lies in reconstructive plastic surgery of the whole body following trauma or tumor therapy, also in surgical treatment options of sarcomas (malignant soft tissue tumors), tumor surgery especially including reconstructive options of the female breast, as well as functional restoration of the hand, and aesthetic surgery.

CV in detail

In 1992 he wrote his doctoral thesis about reconstructive techniques of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint at the University Department for Traumatology, University of Vienna, Austria. Thereafter he began his clinical education as a resident in his home town´s hospital of Zell am See. Following, he was able to join and visit pioneering shoulder surgeons at the prestigious Columbia University New York, NY, for 6 months, which was in part possible due to a scholarship of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Education. While with these specialists, he learned their ideas, techniques and treatment plans. Upon return, he took a position as resident for surgery and traumatology at the oldest specialized clinic in acute and reconstructive as well as rehabilitative surgical care in the world, the university hospital “Bergmannsheil” in Bochum, Germany. He rotated and participated in the broad surgical, traumatological, intensive care and research educational program resulting in his board certification in 2000. External rotations included the plastic surgical department (head Prof.Dr.HU Steinau), specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, hand surgery as well as burns and its ICU treatment options. Next to the compulsory community emergency medical service (ATLS diploma), his training also consisted of generating expert opinions of worker´s compensation cases, intensive care treatment protocols as well as post trauma surgical and non-surgical therapy of the skeletal system including hands. In 2001 he had the opportunity to participate in an NIH research program at the renown University of Michigan, Ann Arbor´s burn program (head Prof.Dr.SC Wang) as research fellow. Here, the fundamentals for his latter PhD title were laid. Partially participating in the university´s plastic surgical residents program led to personal and professional links still existent to date. Years later, Dr.Lahoda was invited as guest professor at this very institution. Next to the demanding position at this top-notch research facility, he therefore was able to attend parts of the plastic surgical training program which is known as one of the best in the country. Upon completion of this program in 2003 he went to Hannover, Germany, joining Hannover´s Medical School as a board certified surgeon and completed his training in plastic surgery with chair, Prof.Dr.PM Vogt. Next to his second surgical board certification, he was entitled ‘hand surgeon’ by passing the boards in 2008. His career there consisted of being a resident, a junior and senior consultant and staff. Next to its excellent clinical and research reputation Hannover Medical School has the latest burn ICU in Germany, being an integral part of plastic surgery in Germany.


In his career, Dr.Lahoda was broadly educated in various surgical fields of modern plastic, reconstructive surgery, including tumor surgery, hand surgery, burn treatment and aesthetic surgery at very prestigious clinics and departments, some known worldwide. A 6 year residency program for surgical traumatology plus another 6 year program for plastic surgery provide a unique combination of surgical expertise.


From his position in Hannover he moved to the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) plastic surgical department as an independent consultant and specialist in 2008. Here, he was consulted in reconstructive head and neck surgery cases, surgery of the extremities (orthopedics and trauma), reconstructive hand surgery (acquired and congenital diseases), tumor surgery (sarcomas), orthopedics and traumatology, neurosurgery, in abdominal and thoracic cases since he is a trained surgeon, and pediatric plastic surgery. Being a micro-surgical trainer for years, he was able to implement and enlarge his micro-surgical service for various specialties. Next to his clinical responsibilities, he continued his basic science and research ambition by acquiring the university title of a “PhD” in immunology in 2012. During his time, he helped build, increase and modulate the clinical competence of the plastic surgical department in Groningen, by close collaboration and personal consultations with several clinical units.


In addition to his specializations mentioned earlier, Dr.Lahoda attended training courses for a scuba diving and an ATLS physician. Next to the German-speaking Europe, he is accredited as a Dutch specialist for plastic surgery and hand surgery until 2018.


Dr.Lahoda published numerous articles as well as book chapters and presented at national and international scientific meetings on clinical as well as basic science and research topics regarding traumatology, burn care and treatment, as well as plastic, reconstructive surgery in more than 100 times. He is a repeatedly invited guest lecturer, reviewer for medical journals and mentor for young residents in training. He is also a regular member of 12 national and international surgical societies (5 of which in plastic surgery), where he serves on the board of two. Due to his reputation and career so far, he is very well known and respected with colleagues of his field.


As a specialist, he follows the credo of striving for ‘individual solutions’ offered at the highest level possible, because every patient has individual wishes, problems, preconditions and ideas, making a solution according to ‘one size fits all’ nowadays obsolete.